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With the summer quickly coming to an end, the weather and the real estate market remain hot. 

The first half of the year has shown positive activity here on the Westside. Well priced homes and condos are quickly being sold in multiple offers over the asking price and inventory remains low, making this a great time to consider putting your house up for sale. 

Currently the partners at WSA have been working closing with their sellers, many of which are closing escrows on properties that were sold very quickly after being put on the market. 

If you are interested in specifics on your neighborhood or more on what WSA can help you do to prepare and list your home for sale, please contact us. 


Home sales are starting to tick up after the worst year in more than a decade!

But the momentum is coming from cash-rich investors who are scooping up foreclosed properties at bargain prices, not first-time homebuyers who are critical for a housing recovery.

The number of first-time buyers fell last month to the lowest percentage in nearly two years, while all-cash deals have doubled and now account for one-third of sales.

A record number of foreclosures have forced home prices down in most markets. The median sales price for a home fell last month to its lowest level in nearly nine years, according to the National Association of Realtors.

Lower prices would normally be good for first-time home buyers. But tighter lending standards have kept many from taking advantage of them. With fewer new buyers shopping, potential repeat buyers are hesitant to put their homes on the market and upgrade.

Cash-only investors are most interested in properties at risk of foreclosure. They can get those at bargain-basement prices.

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Wynn, Sawaii and Aston

From Beverly Hills to Malibu and beyond, Ron Wynn, Steve Sawaii and Fiora Aston have individually built a reputation for real estate excellence. Their names are well known throughout the areas they serve and among the brokerage community, their market knowledge is unparalleled, and each has earned the coveted status of top producer many times over. Through the years, their paths have frequently crossed as they’ve sat on opposite sides of transactions and collaborated to successfully overcome challenging obstacles.

Earlier this year, when the opportunity presented itself to take over a former Coldwell Banker team space, these three power players immediately rose to the occasion to join forces with the vision of what their combined efforts could ultimately create for themselves and the clients they represent.

Though each was successful in their own right despite the challenging market, they believed this was a chance to offer their clients something more. That ‘something more’ is summed up in their new message: Solutions by Collaboration.

For Ron, Steve and Fiora, that’s what this new venture boils down to – the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. “Great outcomes are the product of collaboration,” says Ron. Endorsing the element of team work through the implementation of technology, social networking, and talent specialization, these three mavericks are continually focused on achieving their clients’ goals.

Together, their combined mindset, their drive, and their forward thinking propels them to solve problems in the best, most effective way possible, often finding opportunity that others fail to notice.

For these three, it is all about what is best for the client. As a result, they are very attentive to their clients’ needs. “If the sale or purchase does not make sense for them, we give them good, sound advice,” Steve explains. It is this practice that truly separates them from typical real estate agents, not to mention their contagious energy, genuine enthusiasm, and dynamic passion for the business.

Setting themselves apart long ago, these three have earned the designation of “trusted advisors,” as clients look respectfully to them for guidance and professional advice. And, as Ron points out, though their counsel may not always be beneficial to the team’s bottom line, it is always in the best interest of their client.

“Real estate is really a people business,” says Ron, who bonded with the first couple he met at his first open house, opening an escrow four days later. “Although we share a love of houses, we put our love for people first.” For these partners, who share 91 years in the business and over $1 billion in closed real estate transactions, this sentiment extends beyond their careers as they each make a concerted effort to show humility and express thanks. From giving to the American Cancer Society, the homeless, and returning war veterans, to holding book drives and buying computers for area schools, to participating in triathlons for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, these partners are not only motivated to succeed in business but also to become involved in their
surrounding community as a whole.

Although they like to remain modest about their accomplishments, Ron, Steve, and Fiora are in the top one percent of agents worldwide, and in the first six weeks of their new partnership, they completed 17 transactions. Amazingly, this happened eight weeks before Christmas, when agents across the nation were claiming that the market was dead and deals had come to a halt.

There are many threads that run similar between Ron, Steve and Fiora, themost common ofwhich is their ability to be creative. They each have a war chest of unique stories illustrating how they created opportunity where none existed and others had long before given up. For instance, Ron fondly remembers one holiday weekend when everyone else had left town. With his young sons in tow, he registered at a resort near an ocean-front home he had just listed. He created a descriptive, color flyer describing the home, which he placed under the doors of over 90 rooms at the hotel. Sure enough, a buyer showed up the following day for the open house, and ultimately purchased the $2million-plus home. The seller was blown away by the classic idea, comparing Ron’s innovative
techniques to the previous two agents who had failed to produce a single offer within a period of nearly a year.

Steve and Fiora also have many similar examples of how they created unique solutions for their clients through unconventional methods. By collaborating with each other and bringing the experience gained from their encounters to the table, there is no limit to the positive outcomes these partners will create for their clients as a team.

Ron, Steve and Fiora’s goal is not to focus on the number of transactions they conclude or to outsell their competition, but rather to ensure that every client they represent feels as though they are their only client, receiving their personal attention and dedication, exceeding their expectations, and knowing their reputation is supported by their strong commitment to trust, confidentiality, and respect.